Basic Nail Art

Hello guys

This is my very first blog on this site. Just as you know, as the content of this website is aimed at all your beauty needs you can take care of them from home itself saving you time and money.

To start off, this blog post is of a basic nail art design aimed mostly at beginners. As you have seen above in the pic, the finished nail art will come out as above. All you need is the following items:

  1. A White Nailpolish – Works as a base coat so that the nail art pops out gorgeously.
  2. Nail pen– Red in colour
  3. A Black Nailpolish
  4. Nail art brush-You can use a common brush also with a narrow and pointed bristles.
  5. A Top Coat-Transparent to give stability and protection and not to forget to give the Nail art the shine it deserves.

In the Beginning

Firstly, apply Base coat of white Nail paint on all your finger nails. Wait until dry.

Then take a Nail pen of Red paint and apply dots of colour on a nail and circle it with black nail paint using brush. Allow it to dry.

Repeat the above step on all the nails one by one.

Lastly, apply Top coat on all the nails.

To see it step by step in a video, kindly click here

As you see know, the finished nails come out as below: